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Resident Rooms

Welcome to Calhoun County Medical Care Facility, where we pride ourselves on offering a variety of private and semi-private rooms situated in distinctly themed neighborhoods. Each area is designed to provide a welcoming, home-like atmosphere that meets the needs and preferences of our residents. From the peaceful decor to the thoughtful layouts, our rooms are tailored to foster comfort and tranquility, ensuring that every resident feels secure and valued. Whether you seek privacy or a shared space, our accommodations support the well-being and dignity of everyone in our care.

Private and Semi-Private Accommodations

Residents at CCMCF can relish the spaciousness and brightness provided by large windows, along with ample closet space, and free access to cable television, internet, and WiFi. We offer both private and semi-private accommodations. Understanding that well-being involves the whole body, we invite residents to have fun in decorating their rooms to encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. Residents are also welcome and encouraged to bring their personal furniture, such as their favorite recliner or dresser. Maintenance is also available to help hang personal photos, help fix appliances, and help move furniture and items as necessary!

*Residents' laundry is done on-site at our facility at no additional charge. Residents also have the option of family doing their laundry if preferred. To schedule a tour and learn more, please call:



Jenny Collins, LMSW
Admissions Team, Social Services Director
Phone: 269-962-5458 Ext. 300
Fax: 269-963-4580
Email: jcollins@ccmcf.com

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