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ADC Advantages
Our Adult Day Care program offers many advantages including:

  • Helping to enhance the highest quality of life while keeping the client at home
  • Increasing the productivity of the caregiver at home and at work
  • Facilitating discharge from acute care settings
  • Improving or maximizing the client’s mental functioning
  • Encourages the development and maintenance of healthy nutritional habits
  • Reduces health care costs for the client and the caregiver
  • Improves the client’s psycho-social skills
  • Eliminates barriers that hamper the management of personal care
  • Delays the need to enter a nursing home
  • Improves compliance with medical management
  • Helps keep individuals physically and mentally active through exercise and music
  • Provides conferences with caregivers

Primary Communities Served Are:

Battle Creek, Ceresco, Bedford, Fulton, Springfield, Athens, Marengo, Burlington, Tekonsha, Eckford, Marshall, Bellevue, Pine Creek, East Leroy, Calhoun County, Union City, Partello, Joppa, Clarendon, Pennfield, Emmett Twp.